6th Floor, Satpura Bhawan, Bhopal

Syllabus & Guidelines

Schedule Serial No. 10

Subject: Gamma Camera Technician/radiotherapy Technician

No. of Admission; - 0 -50 Admission: - Per Year


Duration/ Degree/ Diploma/ Certificate


Teaching Faculty with minimum qualification & experience



Non teaching staff with qualification& Experience


Libratory with Equipment






2 year (24 months)

Appendix 'A' enclosed

1.Professor of Radiotherapy- 1 2.Assoicate Professor Radiotherapy 1

3. Assistant Professor Radiotherapy 1

4. Demonstrator-3

5. Professor Medical Physics- 1

Lab Attendant- 3 Clerk- 2 Computer Operator- 1 Peon- 2 Nurse- 4 (B.Sc. N) Ph.D D.P.R.P.

Radiotherapy machines- 1 Nuclear Medicine Lab as per BARC recommendation

Lecture Hall-2 2500 Sq.ft Demonstration 3 1250 Sq.ft. each

25 room Double seated 15;x 20; with kitchen dining rooms, toilets

Qualification & experience of teaching staff as per Medical Council of India Norms.
















A) Basic sciences

1. Applied Anatomy & Physiology of all malignant Tumors of the human body.

Oral Cavity, Pharynx, Larynx, Oesophagus, G.I. Geneto urinary system, Respiratory systems.

2. The pathology of the tumors.


Radiotherapy Machines

Radiological effects of ionizing radiation & Radiation Protection

Nuclear Medicine

Radiation Detectors, Gas filled detectors, free air ionization chambers, proportional Counters, G.M. Counter, Scintillation Detectors, Liquid scintillation counting, Semi conductors detectors, Photographic emulsions (Films) Thermoluminiscent dosimeters, Radiation Monitoring Instruments.


1. Radiotherapy Machines:

Superficial X-Ray therapy, orthovopltage, therapy or Deep X- Ray therapy, Mega voltage therapy Van De graph Genetor, Linear Accelerator, Betatron Cyclotron, Machines, using Radio nuclides, Cobalt- 60 units, Caesium- 137 Units Source Housing Beam Collimation and Penumbra.

2.Radio effects of ionizing radiation & Radiation Protection Cell and its Constituents, Effects of radiation of cells, Cell Cervical Curves somatic effects, hereditary effects of Radiation in Man. Operational Limits, Dose Limits for Radiation Workers, Dose Limits to members of Public, Personal Monitoring Film Badge, Radiation Hazard evaluation and control, Time, Distance and shielding, Planning of Teletherapy and Brach therapy Facility. Radiation Emergencies and Preparedness Radiation Safety during source transfer Units, National Regulatory Requirements for Radiotherapy equipment radiation Protection Survey.

3.Treatment Planning: Absorbed Dose, Depth Dose Distribution, Percentage Depth Dose, Initial Dos buildup, issue Air Ratio, Back Scatter factor, Scatter air radio, Isodose, charts field size, wedge filters, Combination of Radiation fields Parallel opposed fields, Multiple fields, SSD Technique, SAD Technique wedge field Techniques, Uniform Dose Distribution, Tumour Dose, specification, Target volume, Treatment volume, Rotation Therapy, ARC therapy, Tissue compensators, design of Compensators, Compensators wedges, Patient positioning simulation Procedure, Treatment setup, Field Blocks & Field shaping as a function of Photon energy, skin sparing at oblique incidence, separation of adjacent fields, Electron Beam Therapy.

4)Nuclear medicine: Radio Nuclides in Nuclear Medicine Production of short lived radio nuclides, nuclear medicine isotopes used in viva & Vitro tests, decontamination procedures, scintillation camera, scanners and uptake studies, Program and other Gamma Camera ionizing imaging procedures, Hand & foot detectors. Flame hard and isotope waste wet & dry disposal procedures. Preparation for labeling and tragedy of isotopes in imaging.


1) Structure of matter:

The Atom, the nucleus, elemental particles, Atomic Mass and energy units, extra nuclear structure, molecular structure and Bonds, Atomic Energy Levels, Nuclear Energy levels, Electro magnetic Radiation, Quantum Nature of Radiation. The Electro magnetic Spectrum, Radiation Energy, Particle Radiation.

2)The Fundamentals of Nuclear physics: Natural & Artificial Radio- Activity, Exponential Decay, and activity. The Half life and Radio Active Series, Growth of Radio Active Daughter (Equilibrium) Modes of Radioactive Decay, Alpha Decay, Beta decay, Internal conversion Isomeric Transition, Nuclear Reaction, The (Alpha, P) (Alpha, N) Reactions, Proton, Bombardment photo Disintegration, Fission, Fusion, Activation of Nucloides.

3)Production of X- Rays: The X- Ray Tube: - Anode, Cathode, Basic X- Ray, Circuit, Voltage rectification Diagnostic X- ray tube, The Ray X- ray tube physics of X- rays production, Bremasstrahlung Characteristics X-ray: Operating characteristics of X- ray tubes (ratings), KVP, MAS cooling time Modern, X-Ray tubes. Focal spot rotating Anodes, X- Ray tube housing special purpose, X- ray tubes, X- Ray timers, Calibration of timers- spinning top. Quality controls of an X- Ray installation.

4)Interaction of X- Rays & R- Ray with matter: Ionization, Beam, attenuation, Half value layer, Linear attenuation co- efficient Mass attenuation co- efficient photoelectric adsorption, Compton Absorption and coherent shattering pair production stopping power of medium penetration of charged particles through matter.

5)The Radio logic Examination: The primary Radio logic image, Radiographic, Images Radiographic and Fluorescent screens, Image Amplifying systems, Radiographic film, Grids, Factors effecting the Radio logic Image, Characteristics curve of film, Dark room film, automatic film processors.

6)Radiation Quantities and Units: anode, X- ray housing special purpose X- Ray Tubes, X- ray timers, Activity, Kerma, Exposure, Absorbed Dose, Dose equivalent dose.

7)Principles of Radiation detection and Monitoring Devices: Using a generator, elution procedure with BARC MO- TC Generator, production of TC- 99 M., Localization Mechanisms, General Methodology of preparing Radio pharmaceutical, Quality control of Radio- Pharmaceutical, TC- 99 M. leveled radio Pharmaceutical, Radio- Iodine leveled Compounds, Compounds leveled with other Radio Nuclides statistics of Radio- Isotopes counting Resolving time and loss of counts, sodium iodide, as X- ray detector, ER- Ray, spectrometer, preamplifier, Amplifier, Pulse storage Data processing and display, Thyroid uptake probe, Rectilinear scanner, Gamma Camera, Collimator performance, Collimator detector sensitivity, Collimator properties, pin hole and multi channel collimators, Gamma Camera performance tests, Hines reference, Phantom and Bar Phantoms. Dynamic perfusion Scanning procedure of thyroid Brain, lung, Bone, Kidney, Liver, Spleen, Pancreas, and Myocardial imaging Radionuclide Therapy.