[ See Section 2(c) ]
(1)Physiotherapy/Occupational therapy Course.
(2)Speech therapy Course.
(4)Laboratory Technician (Various types)
(5)X-ray Technician/Radiographer.
(6)B.C.G. Technicians
(7)Cyto Technicians.
(8)Ortho Technicians.
(9)Mould room Technicians.
(10)Gamma Camera Technician.
(11)Orffiotic Technician.
(13)Orthotic and contact lens.
(14)E.C.G. Technicians.
(15)Ultra Sound.
(17)Operation 'Meatre Technician.
(18)Degree, Diploma and Certificate in Human Nutrition.
(19)Dialysis Technician.
(20)Insulation Iterapy Technician.
(21)Health Inspector Course.
(22)Hospital Medical record Science.
(23)Compounder (Allopathy, Ayurvedic, Unani And Homoeopathy)
(24)Compounder in Biocheniic System of Medicine.
(25)Diploma in Clinical Biochemisuy.
(28)Optonicui refraction.
(29)Paramedical Ophthalmic Assistant.
(30)Perfusionist/Cardiae Surgery Technician.
(31)Cath. Lab. Technician.