Convening of meeting. 11.

The President of the Council shall call and fix the date of every meeting.


All meeting of the Council shall be either ordinary or special.


All notice of every meeting specifying the time and place thereof and the business to be transacted thereat, shall he despatched to every member fifteen clear days before an ordinary meeting and seven clear days before a special meeting.12 (24 12 ~ 2001


No business other than that specified in the notice relating thereto, shall be transacted at a meeting except with the permission of the Chair.

Powers of president to call special meeting. 12.

'Re President may, whenever he thinks fit, call a special meeting, and shall he bound to do so within two weeks of the receipt of a written requisition, signed by not less than seven members of the Council.

Adjournment of meeting. 13.

Any meeting of the Council may, with the consent of the majority of the members of the Council present, he adjourned from time to time, to a later hour on the same day or to any other date, but no business other than left over at the adjourned meeting shall be transacted at such meeting.


A notice of Adjournment posted in the office of the Council or at the place of meeting, on the day on which the meeting is adjourned, shall he deemed sufficient notice of the next ensuing meeting.

Presiding of meeting. 14.

The President of the Council shall preside over the meeting. If the President of the Council is absent, the meeting of the Council shall he presided over by the Vice-President. If the President and the Vice-President are both absent, the members present shall Choose one of them to preside over the meeting.

Quorum. 15.

The quorum for a meeting of the Council shall he one third of the total number of member of the Council.


If at any time in a meeting there is no quorum, the presiding authority shall adjourn it to such time or date as it thinks fit and announce the same at once; and the business set down for the meeting shall he brought forward at the subsequent meeting, whether at such meeting there is a quorum or not.


No business other than the business fixed for the meeting,shall be transacted at such subsequent meetings.


A notice of such adjournment posted in the office of the Council or at the place of meeting, on the day on which the meeting is adjourned shall be deemed sufficient notice of the subsequent meeting.

Decision of question by majority of votes. 16.

Except as otherwise provided by or under this Act, all questions brought before any meeting of the Council, shall be decided by a majority of the votes of the members present and in case of votes being equal the presiding authority at the meeting shall have a second or casting vote.

Minutes of proceedings. 17.

The minutes of proceedings of each meeting of the Council shall be recorded in a book to be kept for the purpose. The names of the members of the Council present thereat shall be entered in the minute book and it shall he signed in confirmation by the Presiding Authority at the same or next ensuing meeting.


A copy of the minutes of proceedings of each meeting of the Council shall be forwarded to the State Government within seven days from the date of its confirmation.

Vacancies etc. not to invalidate proceedings. 18. No act or proceedings of the Council shall be invalid merely by reasons of-

any vacancy in, or defect in the constitution thereof., or


any defect in the election or nomination of a person acting as member thereof, or


any irregularity in its procedure not affecting the merits of the case.

Procceding of meeting to be good and valid.


until the contrary is proved, every meeting of the Council shall be deemed to have been 0 duly convened when the minutes of the meeting have been signed in accordance with the this Act.

Members of Council. 20.

All members of the Council shall receive such travelling and other allowances as Allowances of may be prescribed by regulations Provided that the members of the Council who are Government employees shall not be entitled to receive such allowances.


No member shall be entitled to any payment other than the payment as specified in sub-section (1).

Power of council to invite any person having Specia1 knowledge or experience in Paramedical.


The Council may, it if thinks necessary, invite any person having special knowledge or experience in paramedical to its meeting, to hear his views on the subject. Such person shall have right to take part in the discussion on the subject but shall not have the right to vote in the meeting of the Council.


The invitee shall be entitled to receive such allowances as specified in section 20.

Committees 22.

The council may appoint, from lime to time and for such period, a committee consisting of such number of its members as it may think fit and may refer to such committee for enquiry and report or for opinion any matter for the purposes of this Act.


Every committee appointed under sub-section (1) shall at its first meeting select one of its member to be its Chairman.


The mode of appointment of such committee, the summoning and holding of meetings and the conduct of business of such committee shall he such as may be prescribed by the regulations.