Penalty for dishonest use of certificate. 47. Any person who:-

dishonestly makes use of any certificate of registration granted under this Act; or


procures or attempts to procure registration under the provisions of this Act by making or producing, or causing to be made or produced any false or fraudulent declaration, certificate or representation whether in writing or otherwise; or


wilfully makes or causes to be made any false representation in any matter relating to the certificate of registration issued under the provisions of "s Act;

shall on conviction, be punishable with imprisonment which may extend to six months or with fine which may extend to twenty thousand rupees or with both.

Information furnished by Council. 48.

The Council shall furnish such reports, copies of its minutes, abstracts of its accounts and other information to the State Government as the State Government may require.

Power to amend schedule. 49.

The State Government may, by notification, amend the Schedule so as to include therein any subject not already specified therein or omit there from any subject or modify the description of any subject.

Cognisance of offence. 50.


No court shall take cognisance of an offence punishable under this Act, except upon complaint in writing made by the Registrar or any other officer authorised by the Council in this behalf by general or special order;


No court inferior to that of a magistrate of first class shall try any offence punishable under this Act.

Control by State Government. 51.

If at any time it appears to the State Government that the Council has failed to exercise or has exceeded or abused any of the powers conferred upon it by or under this Act, or has failed to perform any of the duties imposed upon it by or under this Act, the State Government may, if it considers such failure, excess or abuse to be of a serious character, notify the particulars thereof to the Council, requiring it to remedy such failure, excess or abuse within such period as may he specified in the notice and if the Council fails to remedy such failure, excess or abuse within the period specified in the notice, the State Government may dissolve the Council and cause all or any of the powers and the duties of the Council to be exercised and performed by such person and for such period not exceeding two years as it may think fit and shall take steps to bring into existence a new Council.